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Top 5 Headphones at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 03/7/2017

We’ve recently expanded our range of headphones at PB Tech NZ with new favourites from Bose, Sennheiser, Panasonic, Plantronics and Meizu topping the charts.

It’s quite a nice spread too, we’ve got options in over and in-ear with wireless technology featuring in three of our current top 5 headphones available!

Kicking off the best headphones list we’ve got some beautiful Bose Wireless QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones coming in as the top Bluetooth headphone option right now. We’ve got to agree with Sam’s review on these, saying “The noise cancelling is a bit weird at first because it's so quiet” is spot on, these headphones have Bose's Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology and with the flip of a switch, you will instantly notice the difference as background noise fades into nothing - the smart headset does this by continuously monitoring outside noise, and then reacts to the frequencies by canceling them out with the opposite signal - brilliant!

Coming in next we have a classic audio kit from the pro’s with the iconic Sennheiser HD 202 II - a remarkable set in terms of both comfort and sound quality. These headphones create a protected space around the whole ear with minimal noise leakage making them ideal for use everywhere from the office to the club, these plush leatherette earcups also ensure comfort during the longest of listen sessions making them pretty good for everything from travelling to late night gaming.

If you’re on the hunt for something that’s workout savvy then you should give these Meizu EP51 Lightweight Sports Earphones with Bluetooth a go, featuring a nano anti-sweat coating and a special waterproof mechanism that works together to ensure a long and active life these Bluetooth earbuds are ultra-lightweight but extremely durable thanks to a combination of Kevlar parachute material and aviation aluminum, they also have a neat magnetic connection with which you can secure them to each other around your neck when not in use - fantastic!

From movies to music, the BackBeat Sense Wireless Headphones pull you in with the richness and definition of Plantronics signature audio quality while providing truly exception freedom thanks to the very impressive wireless range and also the ability to connect two devices at once and switch between them as needed. Although small in comparison to most the high notes sound crisp, mid-tones sound natural and low notes are delivered with deep powerful bass in an elegant frame. These stylish headphones have another neat trick that’s perfect for that “where’d I put my headphones” moment - the Plantronics Find MyHeadset app can be used to either play an audible tone or to display the location where your headset was last in use on a map :)

Rounding off our July top 5 is a set of over ear Panasonic Headphones that offer exceptional value in a full sized classic package. The design is reminiscent of the retro models from the 70’s and they wouldn’t look out of place connected to a record player at all. With large, soft ear pads and a simple black headband, the headphones pack 30mm drive units for some pretty satisfying sound and the 2-metre long cord makes them ideal for home use at a price that's crazy...

This is just a slice of the massive range we've been building up here at PB Tech NZ - check out all these and more in our ever growing Headphones and Earphones Store!

All in the PB Tech Headphones Store!

Home Tips & News Top 5 Headphones at PB Tech